Familink Photo Frame


Familink is a connected photo frame for anyone who doesn’t have the Internet or doesn’t want to learn how to use it. With its included 3G SIM card and free subscription, Familink comes ready to use, just plug it in and you’re ready to receive photos.

The SIM card allows you to receive 10 photos a day if the photo frame is connected by 3G, and an unlimited number if it is connected by Wi-Fi.

With Familink, the whole family can share photos and text messages instantly on the frame, from our mobile application, website, email or even by Facebook Messenger! Every member of the family can choose the option that best suits them!

Familink is sold for $199,90. This price includes the frame, the SIM card  installed and configured, as well as 3 months of no cost 3G . After 3 months, you can connect your frame for to WiFi if you choose. If no WiFi network is available, it is necessary to take out a subscription for $9.90 per month. You can top up your 3G easily on our website.

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Order Familink, the 3G Photo Frame for the Entire Family!

Familink is a connected digital frame for seniors or people who don’t have Internet or are not comfortable with new technologies. Familink makes it possible to send photos instantly to the whole family. With it’s Sim card already installed, configured and activated, all you have to do is plug the frame into the power supply and the entire family can send photos. No menus or configuration required. Familink is as easy to install and use as turning on a light. Thanks to the daily photos, contact can be maintained.

Familink turns on automatically in the morning and off in the evening. Using the application or the web interface, you can remotely configure the frame: scrolling photos, scrolling frequency, schedule what time the frame turns on and off.

Photos, once sent are displayed instantly! The “like” function integrated into the frame allows you to send a notification to the user who sent the photo that it has been received and viewed.

Families or friends that have access to the frame can send up to 10 photos per day when connected by 3G or an unlimited amount when connected to Wi-Fi.

How Does it Work? 

  1. Connect the Frame.
  2. Communicate the frame reference  ID to family members.
  3. Send the photos via the Familink application or by email (the frame has an email address), WhatsApp or by Messenger!
  4. Enjoy the connected photo frame

The frame can work in 3G, thanks to a subscription for $9.90CAD per month. The subscription is done directly on our website!

Do you have any questions? Consult our help center!

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