Familink – The Ultimate in Simplicity

Familink is a 3G picture frame designed with seniors in mind, and all those who don’t have internet or don’t want to use it. It’s useful to everyone, regardless of age, thanks to its incredible simplicity.

Familink for the older generation

Familink was designed to be used by everyone, even those who have never touched a computer. The only thing the frame’s owner needs to do is plug it in. This simplicity is made possible by several innovations that we have developed exclusively for Familink.

  • Familink is a 3G picture frame. This is the key innovation. It permits the frame to connect itself to the internet, without any effort on your part. Bring it anywhere, turn it on, and it’s connected! There are no codes for the person viewing the frame to enter, the user doesn’t need to do anything. Because the SIM is already part of the frame, you don’t need to install or sync anything manually. It’s ready!
  • No menus! The photos are displayed as soon as the device receives them. Do you want to look at a different photo? Just touch the screen and swipe your finger to the left or right to view something different. You don’t want to change anything? Don’t touch anything!
  • Familink turns on and off by itself. It turns on every morning at 8:00am and turns off at 8:30pm. You don’t need to worry about it! These hours can be changed remotely because with Familink, all the settings can be changed remotely.
  • It’s already synced! As soon as you order your Familink picture frame online, you will automatically receive an email with a personalized invitation to become the administrator of your frame. This invitation code is uniquely associated with the frame you’ve just ordered. This way, only you and your loved ones have access to the photos on that frame. With this code, you can have photos ready for the frame as soon as it is turned on. You don’t need to waste time syncing any devices!
Familink colors

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