Familink. Why use a 3G photo frame?

Familink is the first 3G photo frame dedicated for the older generation. What exactly does that mean and why is it different from other connected photo frame? The connection is made through cellular 3G with a dedicated SIM card included. Thererefore this photoframe can work anywhere, without any connection wire. It will connect automatically to the closest cellular antenna -whatever the provider- and will be connected. Without any settings!

The first 3G photo frame dedicated for the older generation

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In an IoT world, full of connected objects Familink is a connected object with a real social utility.

Familink office

Familink allows to connect the non-wired in people or non-tech savvy people, allowing them to benefit from new technologies. Today it is possible to share pictures with every generations easilyn thanks to Familink

For everybody for every generation

Familink installarion could not be any easier. It is REALLY Plug n Play. All you have to do is to plug it in. Interface is also deadly simple. No buttons, no complex interface, no menus. Only thing to do is enjoy receiving photos.

Familink colors

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