Familink 3G photo frame coverage

What is Familink photo frame 3G coverage ?

Familink photo frame use an included 3G SIM card to receive pictures sent by relatives. What about 3G coverage?

Familink 3G coverage

Familink Devices come with an international 3G SIM card. This SIM card can work with several mobile providers (>350) worldwide. This means that the Familink Devices can connect to Internet in more than 100 countries and will always connect to the provider with the stronger signal.

For example in the US, Familink can connect to the 4 main operators: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, plus some local mobile providers (eg Alaska Wireless).

Therefore almost 100% of people will be able to receive pictures without Internet connection: 3G Internet connection is built-in.

Familink Devices can also connect to directly to a Wi-Fi router if you don’t need 3G.

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