A 3G photo frame with an Email address

In addition to the website and mobile app, Familink lets you create an email address dedicated to your picture frame, making it even simpler to share! Familink, a 3G picture frame with its own email address!

photo frame with an Email address

Familink allows you to share your photos easily and securely with your loved ones using our web interface or our mobile app for iphone and android. It’s the modern and practical way to quickly share your photos.

However, some of our users prefer to share their photos via email — this is the simplest method for them. We want to make things easy for our customers, so we developed a way for people to send all their Familink photos to a unique email address that you can choose! These email addresses end with @familinkframe.com

cadre photo 3G avec une adresse Email


Photos can now be shared by sending an email to the Familink frame’s address with a photo attached. You even have the option to add a caption in the email subject line!

Secure Email Addresses

Even if you only give this email address to your loved ones, there’s always the risk that this address could receive spam emails. To avoid this, we are using a powerful anti-spam filter. You can also filter the emails personally, checking for any senders you don’t recognize.
You can even restrict access to this email address to authorized senders.

The Familink email address can be disabled at any time, and it is always possible to send photos using the website or mobile app, even if there is also an email address set up for your frame.

Familink colors

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